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International Real Estate and it’s Impact on the Bottom Line

As real-estate evolves more world wide with the improved transparency and potential of the evolving world wide web, real estate professionals have vast possibilities to capture lucrative international, cross country business that they didn’t until now have access to.

The business of trading international real estate is ever-increasing, mostly as a consequence of the connectivity of the globe and the Internet.

With totals like 50% improvement in quantity every single year and boasting an overall share of the actual real estate gross sales of the U.S. at ten percent, the international buyer is gradually becoming a thing to consider for any realtor attempting to enter this sector valued at north of $150 billion in 2017. And if the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is reporting these numbers then undoubtedly you must agree that the international homebuyer is deserving of consideration whenever promoting real estate.

CPROP.IOA very interesting aspect to finding your own international real estate buyers is how lucrative it may be for the broker. A notable portion of international buyers and sellers are well-off global elites looking for promising opportunities and luxurious vacation homes.

Never presume this will be simple to access and break right into, the international real estate investor sector.

Approaching this sector of the market however will require overcoming various challenges including language and currency to name a couple. Often though most international investors are not likely to buy in to a country without doing their homework and having strategies in place to prevent any “lost in translation” concerns.

“Oh don’t even get me started on language barriers when dealing in international real estate. When I first got started 5 years ago, the challenges of communication were pinnacle in any international deal.” claims Mark Walker of Kelowna Condos.

For example, China — a nation with a far different customs, language and real estate etiquette than the USA — dominated the USA foreign market with $75.6 billion in activity in 2017, almost half of all USA real estate sold to international buyers that year.

So is there a better strategy for agents to position themselves for this sizeable, lucrative market?

CPROP’s end-to-end digital exchange management system was created to promote real estate agents to international leads and help them to safely and transparently close deals.

Essentially it applies technology to streamline the sales process of service providers, from the starting of a deal to conclusion. The following below are a number of assorted techniques any real estate professionals can take advantage.

Sign up with a honest international base

“Raising your exposure to the international target audience is a challenge. Any realtors seeking to become players in the international real estate community, must begin their research by exploring online locations where interested buyers and vendors may hook up. Once uncovered…be part of the dialogue and gain trust in the community.” says Armando, a reknown realtor in Lo de Marcos, MX.

Understand also that given your platform also boasts automated translations, this may also be a great perk.

Think confidence and security

A long distance buy, predominantly among the parties in different countries, are often a course for miscommunication and, in the worst cases, fraud.

Preparation is vital to winning international real estate opportunities and included in preparing you have to take into consideration trust and security.

Among the finest ways to secure transactions is with blockchain technology. Any time a contract is concluded and executed, it is able to be saved to the blockchain, creating an immutable distributed ledger confirmed by a network of perhaps thousands of computer systems, therefore effectively controlling any hidden changes to a contract.

What is more another excellent upside to using crypto cash in transactions is the safety measures for the investor in knowing their money is safe and secure.

Find trusted, successful cooperation

One thing is closing contracts within the country but it’s a uniquely different thing when completing international transactions and these deals need to have a whole lot more care to secure a clean closing. Brett Berkowitz is a software developer from Costa Rica Real Estate dot COM (CRREC) a company focused on transforming the real estate buyers market of Costa Rica by implementing revolutionary SaaS to make transactions via digital currency easier for everyone.

Good agents, when asked, without notice can let you know the position of their impending contacts, leads and deals. Could you?
This all being said, won’t you agree with the fact that an all-inclusive electronic transactions SaaS system built to accommodate international real estate transactions from beginning to end, certainly be a welcome addition to all brokers? Let’s think about it, any real estate broker working with international home buyers and vendors can reap the benefits of an all-encompassing SaaS app that not only makes ease of communications but also assures security for both the sides.

Points To Consider When Screening Tenants

Renting out a property can bring you bliss or misery depending on how diligent your tenant is on paying his rent and how he takes care of your property.


Based on a list of single family homes for lease in the Vancouver B.C. area, rental rates range from a low of $1,000 to a high of $3,500.  While you will want to have your Vancouver property rented out year in and year out, haphazardly closing a deal may lead you to miss out on important screening checklist.


Include these in your checklist:


Credit Standing


People with a track record of missed payments, as well as an inability to live within their means, are warning signs that they can be a source of headache.  While minor infractions are forgivable, obvious signs of irresponsibility with finances shouldn’t be ignored.


BI results


Results of a background investigation (BI) can help reveal history of vandalism, robbery, or even substance abuse.  No property owner would want to rent out his property to a tenant whose character is heavily marred with behavioral issues.   These are deal breakers.


Employment record


Jumping from one job to another, history of being fired, and hesitation to offer work references, oftentimes give you some clues to his character.  A good tenant will normally have a stable job.There is nothing wrong actually with switching jobs or employers but a long lull in between switches must also be looked into.


Monthly Income


Proof that he has more than enough income is vital.  This can help you gauge if he has sufficient income to cover the rent and other basic needs.


Carefully screening prospective tenants is vital to landing a good one.  Make sure you follow these to find someone who is for keeps.

Investing In Real Estate In Up And Down Markets

Whenever anyone thinks about Real Estate, the first thing that comes into their minds is that it is too complicated and risky. There is a doubt in their minds about what can be the right time to invest in real estate. They worry that there is so much competition around them and there are so many people who are investing in this business. The thing to understand however is that if there is too much competition in any business and you have a lot of people investing in the business you are going to invest in then this means that the business is indeed a rewarding business. There will be hundreds of options available around you everywhere for all the investors to invest in.

However, like every other business, there are ups and downs in the real estate niche too. In this article, we will guide you to go through those ups and downs. The most basic rule is that you must come up with a strategy. This strategy will help you survive the roller coaster ride of the economy and through a good strategy, you will be able to stay alive in the down times and bloom in the up times. Look at the market trends frequently and evolve your strategy to suit them. You must predict the upcoming trends and forecasts for the future business situation and mold your strategy accordingly.

“The other most important thing is to stay patient and persistent.” says a Tallahassee realtor.

You might not get the profits immediately and sometimes it will even take longer than you might have anticipated but the key is to stay focused and patient in those times and think with a straight head. Most people don’t have the guts to face the rough and tough parts and are at the nearly given up stage when they face the bumpy part of the ride but patience and persistence are the keys here. When the economy is thriving, the investors must flourish their businesses. It is the time to invest more, put in your money and have the fruit of success and profit which they have gained from blood, sweat, patience and hard work. So, in a nutshell having a good strategy for both up and down times is the key.